Machine Learning in Excel

The Prediction Laboratory is an Excel app that you download from the Microsoft App store (get it here.) Prediction Laboratory's suite of tools gives you the ability to build and use Machine Learning models in Excel. Try our software for free - no credit card required! Create and save models with our free plan. Upgrade at any time and save an unlimited number of models. Share your models and invite others to create and share prediction models when you choose the Team or Enterprise plans.

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Building Models is Fast and Easy

Use the Prediction Laboratory to create, train and predict using a machine learning model in minutes

Tools for Machine Learning

Prediction made easy

Visualization Laboratory

Data Analysis starts with understanding your data - the best way to explore data is with visualization. Use Viz Lab to create dozens of dynamic, interactive charts using the open-source Plotly graphing library.

Prediction made easy

Machine Learning Laboratory

The Machine Learning Laboratory creates custom Machine Learning models based on your data and does the data processing, model training, and fine-tuning for you. The Machine Learning Laboratory gives Excel users access to the predictive analytic models in the Scikit-Learn library, one of the most popular and trusted machine learning libraries in the world. Learn more ...

Prediction made easy

Deep Learning Laboratory

Deep Learning is powering the next generation of machine learning and predictive analytics and has been responsible for many recent advances in AI. With the Deep Learning Laboratory, you can build and save powerful Deep Neural Networks using TensorFlow, the open-source machine learning platform from Google. Learn more ...


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Download Excel Add-in

In Excel click Insert > Get Add-ins and search for the Prediction Laboratory Add-in. Click the add button to download.


Open the Prediction Laboratory Add-in in Excel and log in with your Sign-up email and password.

Explore your data

Use Viz Laboratory to explore and better understand your data.

Build and Save a Machine Learning model

After processing your data and training, build and save your Machine Learning or Deep Learning prediction model.


Use your model to make predictions!


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Save 3 Machine Learning models

Save 3 DNN models

Create interactive charts and visualizations

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All features of the Team Plan

Unlimited number of team members

Upload pre-build Tensorflow models

Prediction for the Entire Organization

Advantages of Using Prediction Laboratory

The Prediction Laboratory offers several advantages for the data analyst who wants to use predictive models or learn more about Machine Learning.

advantages of machine learning with Prediction Laboratory

No Code

You don't need to know a programming language to use Machine Learning when you use the Prediction Laboratory.

advantages of machine learning with Prediction Laboratory

Data Security

No uploading data to the internet and exposing your company's valuable data assets. Your data never leaves your computer and stays in Excel.

advantages of machine learning with Prediction Laboratory

Learn about Prediction Models in a Familiar Environment

New to Machine Learning and prediction models? Let us guide you through the process of creating, training and using models to make insightful predictions.

advantages of machine learning with Prediction Laboratory

Import Pre-trained Models

Are you working with very large data sets? Do you need more accuracy from your prediction models? Our Deep Neural Network (DNN) Laboratory lets you build and train your TensorFlow models in Python using GPUs (your Data Scientist or modeling expert knows what we’re talking about) and use these models in Excel for making predictions.

advantages of machine learning with Prediction Laboratory

Share Models

Share your prediction models or use models created by others.

advantages of machine learning with Prediction Laboratory

Free Account

Sign up for your free account - no credit card required. Your account will have the full functionality of all of the software. Only pay when you want to store an unlimited number of models.


Professional Services

We offer a number of services to help organizations make the transition to Predictive Analytics

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