Machine Learning Lab Create Tab

Machine Learning Lab Create Tab

The Create tab is the place to create a new Machine Learning Model.

The Create tab contains a link (1) to a help screen with information about how to use this tab.

Create Input Worksheet The Create button (2) will add a new worksheet to Excel.

Use this worksheet to input the training data for your new model.

The first row of the worksheet should contain headers for your data. The last column MUST contain the target variables you want your model to predict. If you are creating an unsupervised model, there is no target variable, so the order of the columns is not important.

Analyze Data for Model

Once the TrainingData worksheet contains your training data, select the type of model you want to build - Supervised or Clustering (3).

When you select the Analyze Data button, the Machine Learning Laboratory (ML Lab) will review the training data, determine the type of data in each column, and calculate various statistics for the data. The ML Lab adds a row of Data Type Selectors just under the column headers with its best guess (Continuous or Categorical) for the type of data in that column.

The Continuous data type can take a range of values such as monitory value or temperature. The values may be positive or negative. Categorical data indicates the data belongs to different groups or classes. Examples are a person's gender, or the grades given on a test. It's important that you review and make any changes to these data types.

The Machine Learning Laboratory will also create a new worksheet named DataSummary, which contains a statistical summary of the continuous data in the TrainingData worksheet.

Create and Save Model

ML Lab will determine which model types are appropriate for your data and will place these model types in the “Select a Model” dropdown menu (4).

Give your new model a name and a short description and then save your model. After saving the model it will become the active model in the Machine Learning Laboratory.