Machine Learning Lab Predict Tab

The Predict tab is used with a trained Machine Learning model to make predictions. The Predict tab contains a link (1) to a help screen with information about how to use this tab.

Create Prediction Data Worksheet

This option (2) will create a new Excel worksheet named 'PredictionData’ and will pre-populate it with the column headers that were saved when you analyzed your original input data.

The column names and their order are important and can't be changed. This ensures that the model will make accurate predictions. The target column is not included in this worksheet - it will be added when the model makes predictions.

Enter the data you want to use to make predictions into this worksheet.

Make Predictions

When the Predict button is selected, the Machine Learning Model will use the new data and make predictions for the target column. These predictions will appear in the last column of the 'PredictionData' worksheet.