Professional Services

We offer a number of services to help organizations make the transition to Predictive Analytics

excel user doing predictive analytics


We offer on-site and distance training for excel users that are new to predictive modeling. Our training program helps new users become confident with creating and using prediction models.

Feature Engineering – The data used for general data analysis often won’t produce the best results for prediction models. These datasets will need to be enhanced and modified with additional data to make good predictions. This process is known as ‘Feature Engineering .’ We teach excel users the secrets we’ve learned for years of model building for making the most of this process.

Model Selection – The Machine Learning Laboratory offers 25+ machine learning models, and this variety can be intimidating for a new user. We help trainees learn which models are best suited to different datasets so they can choose the best model in any situation.

Model Tuning – We’ve done our best to make creating and training machine learning models as straightforward as possible. Still, to get the absolute best performance, the modeler may need to make adjustments to the model. This process is known as Hyperparameter Tuning and is an important skill any modeler should have.

Model Evaluation – Each of our Prediction Models generates a performance score that indicates how well the model is performing. These measures of model performance need to be understood by the modeler.

Custom Prediction Solutions

We offer an out-sourcing solution for organizations that want to shift from descriptive to predictive analytics but don’t have the skill sets in-house. We use your data and take care of the feature engineering, model selection, tuning, and evaluation. The results are timely and actionable predictions you can use.

Decision Support

Prediction models provide interesting insights into your business, but their real value comes from incorporating them into your decision-making process. Suppose you are currently using Optimization modeling or Simulation modeling as part of your decision support systems. In that case, you find that replacing assumptions with predictions results in more accurate and insightful models.

If you are not currently using a decision support system, we can help you create a system custom-made for your needs.

Custom Model Development

In most cases, the models you create using the Machine Learning Laboratory produce very accurate predictions. But there are times when the dataset is large and complex, or you need to boost the performance of the model, and the current predictions fall short of your requirements.

In these situations, you can move up to a Deep Neural Network model in the DNN Laboratory. Building and tuning a DNN requires a unique skill set to produce the best results. DNN model builders are in short supply and difficult to find. If you want to explore using DNNs without bringing a data scientist on board, we can build, tune and train you models for you.

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